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GoldenShire: The Visionary Extension of a Landscaper’s Dream

  In the heart of every landscaper beats the pulse of nature – a rhythm, a call, to shape, nurture, and transform the environment into a haven of beauty and sustainability. My journey as a landscaper, hardscaper, arborist, and fledgling regenerative farmer has been guided by this intrinsic connection to the land, leading me to […]

GoldenShire’s Agroforestry and Mycology: A Symphony of Soil Regeneration

  At GoldenShire Community Campgrounds, our mission transcends mere agriculture or tourism; it’s about regeneration. Not just regenerating land, but reimagining the very essence of farming and living in harmony with nature. A pivotal component of this mission is our innovative integration of agroforestry and mycology, specifically through our wood chips inoculated with chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms. […]

Revolutionizing Poultry Farming with Mobile Chicken Tractors

Nestled within the innovative expanse of GoldenShire Community Campgrounds, our poultry operation stands as a testament to the ingenious harmony of sustainability and productivity. At the heart of this initiative is our unique “chicken tractor” system, a method that not only prioritizes the well-being of our chickens but also enhances the fertility and health of […]

Reviving Family Farming Traditions for Future Generations

  In the heart of our modern world, where technology and urbanization have distanced many from the earth’s natural rhythms, GoldenShire emerges as a beacon of hope for the revival of family farming traditions. At the core of GoldenShire’s mission is a profound commitment to reconnect families with the land, to foster a deep understanding […]

The GoldenShire Homestead Incubator

The Golden Shire Homestead Incubator represents a visionary extension of the existing Golden Shire model, which currently stands as a beacon of regenerative agriculture and sustainable tourism. While Golden Shire itself is centered around a campground model—offering education, recreation, and the experience of regenerative farming practices within a community setting—this future program aims to take […]

Regenerating the Earth: The Vision of GoldenShire

  Nestled in the heart of nature, GoldenShire stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of regenerative agriculture. This visionary project is more than just a community or a destination; it is a living, breathing example of how conscious stewardship, innovative agroforestry, mycology, and rotational grazing can harmoniously revive the […]

The Logos ~ Stoics, Platonists, Christendom

The Logos: From Heraclitus to the King of Heaven and Earth The concept of the Logos, a term that holds profound significance in philosophy, theology, and spirituality, has journeyed through centuries, evolving from the abstract logos of Heraclitus and the Stoics, through the Platonists, to becoming flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, the royal […]

What makes GoldenShire ~ Golden? The Golden Ratio!

The adoption of fractal geometric patterns based on the golden ratio in the construction of modern agrarian villages represents a confluence of beauty, efficiency, and a deep alignment with natural principles. This blog explores the genius behind this approach, detailing not just the aesthetic appeal but also the practical benefits that make it an ingenious […]

GoldenShire Design Inspiration

  Building GoldenShire based on the Flower of Life pattern is a profound exploration of geometric design that inherently connects to the golden ratio, creating a living space that resonates with the mathematical beauty and harmony found in nature. The Flower of Life, a pattern composed of multiple evenly spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a […]