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Welcome to GoldenShire, where we offer a unique farm to table camping and farmer’s market experience. Our campground features deluxe cabins, micro cabins, and open spaces for tent camping, as well as a petting zoo with friendly alpacas and other ruminants.

At our on-site farmer’s market, you can find fresh, locally-sourced produce, meat, eggs, and dairy products, as well as a variety of refined items made using our own ingredients. And at our vegetable juice bar, you can enjoy a refreshing, healthy drink made from the freshest ingredients.

GoldenShire is more than just a campground and farmer’s market, however. We are also a regenerative agriculture operation, and we offer tours, workshops, and classes on regenerative agriculture principles. Our cobblestone paver walkways, stone outdoor cooking kitchens, and wood-fired pizza ovens add to the unique atmosphere of our farm.

At GoldenShire, we believe in the importance of fresh, wholesome food and strong family values. Come and experience it all for yourself at our beautiful farm.


protégé of Joel Salatin

PolyFace Farms is a blessing in my life. Studying under Joel opened my eyes to the potential that exists to radically change and improve farming through decentralized family farming and regenerative agriculture principles. Family farms made America great and prosperous, and slowly was usurped by nefarious corporations acting not in the health of humanity but their own greed. They poison our food, obfuscate the truth of the damage their chemicals do, and drive family farms out of business using predator tactics. Joel taught me that not only is it possible not to rely on Montsanto “Terminator Seeds” and petrol based fertilizer, but utilizing clever regenerative agriculture principes you’ll have a healthier farm for not only the land but the organic food it produces for the community.

Nickolas James Boker is a highly skilled and experienced landscaper who has successfully built a multifaceted business in the industry. Starting out as a lawn care professional, he has expanded his expertise to include hardscaping, aquascaping, irrigation, outdoor lighting & construction, including playground construction. His diverse range of services and ability to adapt and grow with the needs of his clients have made him a valuable asset in the landscaping industry.

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Our Farmer’s market

Are you looking for the freshest and most delicious produce around? Look no further than GoldenShire! Our regenerative farm produces a wide variety of tasty and healthy products, including meat, eggs, dairy, vegetables, and herbs. And with our on-site farmer’s market, you can buy all of these products and more, like bone broth, fresh kombucha, fresh-pressed vegetable juice, kefir, and herbal tea. Plus, our produce is grown using only organic methods, so you can be sure that you’re getting the healthiest and most sustainable products available. So why not give us a try and taste the difference for yourself? Visit GoldenShire today and discover the deliciousness of farm-fresh food!

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