Revitalizing Health at GoldenShire: Embracing the Gerson Therapy for a Regenerative Living Experience

  At GoldenShire, our mission transcends beyond the cultivation of the land; it is about nurturing the body, mind, and spirit of our community. It’s with this holistic vision in mind that we proudly embrace the Gerson Therapy, a powerful, natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic diet, […]

Harvesting Sustainability: The Art of Intensive Market Gardening at GoldenShire

  GoldenShire’s approach to market gardening sets a new standard in sustainable agriculture, contrasting sharply with the practices of modern mega farms. Our intensive farming methods, utilizing compact BCS tractors and innovative tools like paper pot transplanters, enable us to cultivate our crops with an attention to detail and care for the land that large-scale […]

The Heart of GoldenShire: Our Farm Animal Sanctuary

Nestled within the lush greenery of GoldenShire lies a sanctuary unlike any other – a place where alpacas graze alongside miniature cows, sheep, donkeys, goats, and a myriad of gentle herbivores. It’s easy to see these creatures as mere attractions, their adorable antics delighting visitors of all ages. However, the role they play within GoldenShire’s […]

Embracing Distributism in GoldenShire: Inspired by St. Pius XII

Golden Shire’s journey towards becoming a private operating foundation is deeply rooted in the teachings and principles espoused by St. Pius XII, particularly his advocacy for social justice, the dignity of work, and the importance of property rights within the framework of the common good. This blog post explores how St. Pius XII’s writings inspire […]

GoldenShire’s Innovative 4K Livestream: A Window to Regenerative Farming

    At GoldenShire, we’re pioneering a unique way to connect with nature and farming through the lens of technology. By equipping our animal shelters with 4K live-streaming cameras, we’re inviting the world to peek into the daily lives of our farm animals, showcasing the serene and sustainable environment they thrive in. This initiative serves […]

Distributism in Action: Cultivating Community and Prosperity

In the heart of GoldenShire lies a profound commitment to an economic philosophy that not only cherishes the land and its yield but also nurtures the very essence of community and personal dignity. This philosophy, deeply rooted in the rich soil of Catholic social teaching, is known as distributism. Distributism, a term that might sound […]

Escargot at GoldenShire: A Regenerative Delicacy from Vertical Farm to Table

GoldenShire Community Campgrounds introduces a novel approach to sustainable farming through our escargot operation, ingeniously housed within our greenhouses. This venture is not merely an agricultural activity but a cornerstone of our regenerative farming practices, meticulously designed to enhance our ecosystem’s vitality while offering a gourmet culinary experience. Vertical Escargot Farming: Innovation at Its Best […]

GoldenShire’s Journey Towards Becoming a Private Operating Foundation

Welcome to the latest edition of the GoldenShire Gazette, where we dive into an exciting development that could shape the future of our beloved regenerative agritourism haven. Today, we’re exploring the idea of transitioning GoldenShire into a private operating foundation. This potential shift is not just about changing our legal status; it’s about deepening our […]

Maine Coon Cats: Organic Pest Control and Adorable Farm Companions

Maine Coon cats are not only beloved for their large size, luxurious coats, and friendly personalities but also for their invaluable role as organic pest control on the farm. In GoldenShire’s market gardens, these majestic felines play a vital role in protecting the vegetables from a variety of pests while adding charm and warmth to […]

The Melodious Residents of GoldenShire: How Cockatiels Enhance Our Regenerative Farm and Fun Atmosphere

  At GoldenShire, our commitment to regenerative farming goes hand-in-hand with creating a fun, educational, and therapeutic experience for our visitors. Among the many innovative approaches we’ve adopted, one of the most delightful has been integrating cockatiels into our ecosystem. These charming birds are not only a joy to watch and interact with, but they […]