GoldShire Community Campground

Farm to table agri-tourism health retreat + (alpacas).

GoldShire Community Campgrounds will be the ultimate family friendly vacation destination, a unique homesteading / market garden themed campground & action sport retreat conveniently located between three major east coast cities : Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, & Atlantic City NJ. A truly enchanting vacation destination nestled in Salem County, New Jersey. Equipped with lodging accommodations for cabin camping enthusiasts, an exotic farm animal petting zoo for animal lovers, unique paintball/air soft field for adventure seekers, a health kitchen & juice bar, a farmers market featuring local South Jersey farm products, and an event hosting / live performance location for those with special events they want to host in a unique and fun environment. Additionally, classes and workshops related to homesteading, market gardening, & regenerative agriculture will be hosted on site.


I am projecting at full capacity, GCC will generate 12 million dollars in annual revenue. The primary revenue streams come from executive team building wellness retreats, cabin rentals, hosting private events, live performances, food sales, and paintball / air soft sales.

Beyond a campground, GoldShire will be a productive farm and nourishing health retreat. Intensive market garden crops will be integrated directly into the campground in neat, compact rows. This abundance of fresh vegetables will be utilized directly in the health kitchen & juice bar. A true “farm to table” eating experience, guests will know their meal was grown and harvested on site. Besides market garden vegetable crops, a special focus will be put on the cultivation of Saffron. With beautiful purple flowers, these hardy bulbs are known to produce the most expensive spice in the world, worth its weight in gold. Saffron easily grows in the New Jersey climate using greenhouses.

Additionally, there will be a significant poultry operation next to the campground using mobile chicken tractors and local New Jersey heritage bird breed “Freedom Rangers”. A discreet and professional chicken processing unit will be built from a shipping container, and a large industrial refrigerator built into the health kitchen will store the birds for use in “farm to table” chicken dishes, and specifically bone broth for soup stock. Fresh “farm to table” animal bone broth will be a staple at the Nourishing Traditions Health Kitchen, especially in winter months. The restorative power of a hot mug of fresh chicken broth after a cold day of winter action sports should not be underestimated.







Biography of the Founder




My name is Nickolas Boker. I am a landscape architect in Southern New Jersey, GoldShire Community Campgrounds is a special project I have been working on that combines many attractions that are near to my heart. Homesteading, organic farming, health food, action sports, camping, and alpacas. It is my belief that if done well, these wholesome and family friendly attractions will come together as a wildly profitable, but more importantly a fond memory generating experience for guests.

PolyFace Farms

Food is important. As a student of Joel Salatin, owner of “Polyface Farms” in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia, I learned many important lessons about how to successfully operate an intensive poultry farm operation, while maintaining the best organic farming standards. Using clever “chicken tractors” to house meat birds and move them daily to fresh pasture, it eliminates the sanitary problems of filthy large scale chicken houses while protecting the chickens from flying predators.Not only did I learn about raising poultry the organic way, I also learned how to build and operate a discreet chicken processing facility. I left PolyFace farm with a new perspective on farming and a resolve to impact the world with the holistic philosophy of regenerative agriculture.


Neversink Farms

Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farms in New York exemplifies highly efficient, intensive spacing for market garden farming. Growing valuable market vegetables like beets, radishes, arugula, kale, leeks, and high value salanova lettuces in dense rows using the no till method. This method of organic farming allows much higher yields in much smaller spaces. I learned so much about no till organic farming from Conor, in addition to operating a highly efficient market garden from seed to washed product.






Out Of Sight Alpaca Farm

The beginning of my enamored relationship with the truly whimsical creature known as the Huacaya Alpaca began at my good friend Kim’s Alpaca farm in New Jersey. Through her mentor ship, I learned the ins and outs of Alpaca care and management. Truly majestic creatures, they are more docile than sheep, fluffier then llamas, and they don’t spit like llamas. They’re great with kids, and they are very photogenic. A true star on the farm, everyone loves these gentle creatures when they meet them in person, and form memories they’ll treasure for life.









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